What relevence could Goethe’s emotional diary-like novel about the lovesick Werther have in today’s world of myspace and i-pods?
Philipp Hochmair and Nicolas Stemann utilize the original text to tell Werther’s story from their own personal and current points of view.
A presentation that’s in part a reading, monodrama and performance art. An invitation to the most famous ego trip in all of German literature.

A youthful stroke of genius by the two theater artists, “Werther!” began its successful tour of the world in 1997. The low-budget production made it from the Nuremberg classroom to Vienna’s Burgtheater, featuring guest performances from Moscow to Bogotá.

Philipp Hochmair begins reading directly out of Goethe’s epistolary novel and delves into Werther’s state of being in front of a camera. 
A young man who has moved away from home for the first time becomes engrossed in an impossible love story and revels in recording his feelings. 
His video projections become a road movie of the vanity that entraps him. An inside look at an unhappy soul and the mechanism of self-destruction.

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Director: Nicolas Stemann
Cast: Philipp Hochmair
Copyright: Rowohlt Theater Verlag Hamburg